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FAQs About School Physicals
By Northside Pediatrics Associates
April 24, 2019
Category: Children's Health
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Pads, goggles and other safety gear aren't the only way to protect your young athlete. Annual school physicals help ensure that your child school physicalsis healthy enough to participate in sports. Your Conroe, TX, pediatrician, Dr. Ayotunde Faweya, offers school physicals at Northside Pediatrics Associates.

Why school physicals are important?

Health problems that can affect your child's ability to play sports safely aren't always apparent. School physicals safeguard your child's health by:

  • Identifying Health Conditions: In addition to checking your child's vital signs, height and weight, your child's Conroe pediatrician will perform a thorough examination and look for signs of certain diseases or conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, heart or lung conditions, scoliosis, joint instabilities, and other issues.
  • Providing Vaccinations: Your child's immunization record will be reviewed during the physical. If he or she needs an immunization, it can be provided during the physical. Immunizations not only protect your child but also protect teammates who can't be vaccinated due to medical conditions.
  • Reducing the Risk of Injury: School physicals offer the perfect opportunity to ensure that your child has healed completely from previous sports injuries. If he or she attempts to return to practice too soon, the injury may worsen and recovery time may take even longer.
  • Providing Solutions: Your child's pediatrician can also recommend treatments and solutions if a health condition is diagnosed. For example, physical therapy might be recommended to help stabilize a joint weakened by a sprain, while more frequent breaks, in addition to inhaled medications, may be suggested if your child has asthma.

The school physical may also include a discussion of the importance of conditioning and wearing safety gear. Your child's pediatrician can offer healthy eating advice and discuss the negative effects of performance-enhancing steroids, drugs, and alcohol on health and athletic performance.

Most children are cleared to play sports after a school physical. If a health problem is diagnosed during the physical, your child may be able to participate in his or her sport after receiving appropriate treatment.

Do you need to schedule school physicals for your children? Call your Conroe, TX, pediatrician, Dr. Ayotunde Faweya of Northside Pediatrics Associates at (936) 270-8655 to schedule your appointment.