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What is a School Physical?
By Northside Pediatrics Associates
December 19, 2017
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Let's see. New school clothes? All set. No. 2 pencils? Check. Just make sure you don't forget one of the most important things about the school physicalback to school season: a school physical. School physicals are available at Northside Pediatrics Associates, which is located in Conroe, TX. Dr. Ayotunde Faweya is one of the finest pediatricians in Conroe, TX. Here's everything you need to know about back-to-school physicals. 

Are Physicals Required?

Some schools require back to school physicals each year or before spring sports season. Your child’s exam ensures that she or he is up-to-date on vaccines to protect against serious illnesses. Safeguarding your kid's health and the health of classmates and other people in your community is top priority for school administrators and doctors. Some sports teams also require children to get a school physical each year to help ensure that their bodies are ready for the exertion.

What is a School Physical?

Back-to-school physical exams are an important aspect of children's health care. From childhood through adolescence, kids undergo dramatic changes in weight, height and other physical characteristics. A back-to-school physical exam is an opportunity for parents and pediatricians to make sure children are on the right track of healthy development. The start of a new school year is an ideal time to complete this assessment.

Your Child's Medical History

During the physical, the pediatrician will have will have many questions about your child's medical history. Medical history checks help the pediatrician keep an eye for any patterns of chronic illness that may run in your family. In some cases, this information can help the pediatrician make quicker diagnoses and decisions during emergencies, when each second counts.

Physical Examination

During the school physical, the pediatrician will do a comprehensive check of your child's body. This usually includes recording weight and height, taking blood pressure and pulse readings, and checking lungs, heart, abdomen, as well as eyes, ears, skin, nose, mouth, teeth and throat.

Your Child's Immunizations

Diseases that once killed kids are highly preventable. During the visit, the pediatrician will give your child any necessary vaccinations required by the school. Vaccinations are one of the best means of protection against contagious diseases. Research has shown that kids who aren't vaccinated are at a much higher risk for getting sick.

Advice & Guidance

During the visit, you will have an opportunity to get answers to your questions and medical advice. The pediatrician may talk to you about health and safety issues, disease prevention, and nutrition and physical fitness. The doctor may ask about and provide counseling on difficulties at school, behavioral problems, learning problems, and other concerns.

If your child needs a school physical, why wait? We can help you today! Call Northside Pediatrics Associates at (936) 270-8655 now to schedule your child's physical in Conroe, TX. All children should get a back-to-school physical. A school physical is among the best ways you can help protect your children's health and well-being.