Why Do Schools Request Physicals?

Dr. Ayotunde Faweya and the pediatric staff of Northside Pediatrics Associates are here to provide compassionate care for your family. School physicals in Conroe, TX, are a requirement for your child. Read more about why schools require them and contact us to schedule a physical for your child.

What Happens at a School Physical?

When your child has an appointment for a physical at our practice, they receive a comprehensive external physical examination. We measure their height and weight to track growth and development and evaluate their musculoskeletal health. The pediatrician checks vital signs and listens to the heart and lungs to monitor pulse and breathing. A physical may also include vision and hearing screenings.

When you have a physical booked for your child, you should also talk to the pediatrician about your family history. Come to the appointment with as much information as you can on your family's health history so the doctor can help assess your child's risk for hereditary conditions.

Why Does My Child Need a Physical?

School physicals help you and your pediatrician ensure your children are growing as they should and hitting developmental milestones. A physical also gives you and your child time with a pediatrician, and we encourage you to come to the appointment with any questions about your child's health and wellness. We want to see your whole family comfortable with our doctors and practice.

Why Do Schools Request Physicals?

School physicals are sometimes called pre-participation physical examinations (PPEs) because the school requires all children to have a physical before enrolling or participating in sports or activities.

The school wants to see that your child is up to date on all recommended vaccinations for the health of the school's population. The administration needs to have a record of any medical conditions or allergies the child has, and schools also want to ensure that the child is healthy and has been cleared to participate in activities like sports.

Book a Physical Now

Northside Pediatrics Associates provides school physicals in Conroe, TX when your child is starting school or sports activities. To make an appointment with Dr. Ayotunde Faweya, contact us today at (936) 270-8655.

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