Why Does My Child Needs a Sports Physical?

Sports physicals are vital for any child who wants to participate in athletics. Dr. Ayotunde Faweya of Northside Pediatrics Associates offers sports physicals and other pediatric care services. Your pediatrician in Conroe, TX, has decades of experience performing sports physicals that will meet the standards of your child’s school or sporting association. Read on to learn more about the necessity of sports physicals.

Why Sports Physicals Are Necessary

Many parents feel they just have to get a sports physical from their pediatrician in Conroe, TX, for their child because the school or sporting association requires it for insurance purposes. However, a sports physical can detect a potential health problem that you and your child were unaware of. For example, it is possible that your child may have an irregular heartbeat, which could cause serious health problems under exertion like when playing sports. Sports physicals can also detect less serious issues, such as problems with joints or muscles. These problems may require physical therapy before your child is fit to play sports safely. Even if your child’s sports physical does not detect any problems, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is in good health.

Book an Appointment for a Sports Physical Today

Contact Northside Pediatrics Associates to book an appointment for a sports physical today. Your pediatrician, Dr. Ayotunde Faweya, in Conroe, TX, will take good care of your child's health and examine your child thoroughly to ensure they can play sports safely. We will also be happy to answer any questions that you or your child may have, so give us a call at (936) 270-8655.

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